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Good luck to the twelve girls from Starlight who will be in this year's Pantomime at the Deco!

Well done to all those who took part in the Disco Competition this month in Thurrock. You did amazing, we managed to secure 3 x 1st places, 1 x 2nd place and 2 x 3rd places!

We are
rehearing for October's disco competition, thinking about the February annual show and starting auditions for Wizard of Oz. We will also be beginning exams in October and have been invited to perform during the half-term at the Cobblers! Contact us for more details.....

Pupils are now busy rehearsing for the musical "Blitz" which will be performed at the Cripps Theatre this Easter. Also would like to congratulate the girls on their professional performance of the Opera, La Boheme, at the Derngate Theatre.

Congratulations to the following girls for successfully auditioning for 2013 The Deco Pantomime! Sophie, Nadiya, Ellie-Rose, Meg C, Cydney, Tayla, Billie, Katy A, Isobel A, Scarlett, Freya, Molly.

Don't miss out on Starlight's Summer School! 27th to 31st August - contact us for details.

DISCO COMPETITION Sunday 13 May 2012
As usual we came home with loads of medals and were really, really proud of you - impeccable behaviour and fabulous ambassadors for Starlight!

Solos 1st Place - Emilia H, Teegan, Ellie-Rose
Solos 2nd Place - Isobel, Freya
Solos 3rd Place - Emilia FT, Caris
Pairs 1st Place - Teegan & Tayla, Molly & Ellie-Rose
Pairs 2nd Place - Mia & Lucy, Freya & Ellie
Pairs 4th Place - Megan C and Scarlett
Groups 2nd Place - Ga Ga Nation
Freestyle 1st Place - Emilia H

DISCO COMPETITION Sunday 15th May 2011
A massive well done. Everyone performed extremely well and we were very proud of you! We had far too many call backs into second and third heats to mention and the places were:
Hons - Latin Girls (the Latin Group), Freya x 2, Daisy, Katy, Josie, Billie, Megan, Kai, Sophie, Isobel and Daisy, Emilia and Sophie, Megan and Scarlett
4th Place - Grace, Tayla, Amy, Lily, Gracie-Lee, Sophie and Megan, Katy and Megan
3rd Place - Molly, Twisted Nursery Rhyme, Amy and Grace, Chloe
2nd Place - Ellie-Rose, Tayla-Jayde and Tayla, Emilia
1st Place - Megan, Scarlett, Caris, Sapphire, Ella

DISCO COMPETITION Sunday 5th December 2010
We did extremely well, definitely the best we have done yet! All the girls were excellent and performed so well! They were also very well behaved and supportive of each other. We had too many call backs to second and final heats to mention but places as follows:
1st Place Daisy, Scarlett, Lily, Scarlett and Megan C (Pairs), Sapphire and Lily (Pairs), Molly and Ellie-Rose (O/A Pairs).
2nd Place Tayla, Billie, Caris and Molly
3rd Place
Medea, Emilia, Josie, Megan T and Tayla-Jayde, Twisted Nursery Rhyme and Stars and Stripes (Legally Blonde)
4th Place
Megan G, Sapphire, Megan C, Grace and Amy D, Georgia and Charlee
Solos: Sophie C, Sophie K, Katy, Freya / Pairs: Sophie C and Tayla, Gemma and Lucy, Chloe and Eve

DISCO COMPETITION Sunday 10th May 2010
Well done to everyone who took part. Starlight did extremely well with 1st place for Eve in her solo section, 1st place to Eve and Chloe in the pairs, 2nd place to Megan and Katy in the pairs, 2nd place to Katy in her solo and 3rd place to Ellie-Rose in her solo. Scarlett, Megan and Taylor-Jade were all awarded honours certificates.

DISCO COMPETITION Sunday 20th September 2009
Congratulations to everyone who took part (or helped out)!

Well done to Tayla-Jayde (1st place solo), Circus team (2nd place), Isobel (2nd place solo), Eve and Chloe (2nd place pairs), Tayla-Jayde and Megan T (3rd place pairs), Caris (4th place solo), Ellie-Rose (4th place solo), Josie (4th place solo), Katy and Megan G (4th place pairs). Honours Certificates went to Macy, Katy, Megan C, Eve and Lily, and in the pairs Megan C/Scarlett, Lily/Sapphire and Molly/Ellie-Rose.